Arena Footing

We can help you acheive the perfect horse arena footing. Our TreadSoft crumb rubber arena footing provides a free draining, shock absorbing, low maintenance surface, while our ArenaClear - arena dust control solution minimizes dust and reduces the amount of watering required for your arena.

rubber horse arena footing

Crumb Rubber Horse Arena Footing

Our TreadSoft premium rubber horse arena footing is steel and dust free. It will improves the surface of your arena by providing increased shock absorption, protecting your horse from leg injuries. It helps to reduce dust, keep the footing loose, make the sand last longer, reduce watering, increase drainage and reduce freezing.

arena dust control

Horse Arena Dust Control

ArenaClear is a safe, eco-friendly liquid soil conditioner to control dust in indoor riding arenas and outdoor riding arenas alike. It reduces the amount of watering required, is low priced and very effective. A one gallon jug of our concentrated solution covers up to 10,000 sqft. Unlike petroleum based dust control products which can break down rubber, ArenaClear is safe to use with our TreadSoft rubber arena footing.