Horse Arena Dust Control

Besides making riding more difficult, dust can be a serious health hazard for horse and rider. Dust control is especially important in indoor riding arenas where the absence of wind and fresh air exacerbates the problem. Research has shown that trainers and regular horse riders that work primarily in indoor arenas are 200% more likely to contract chronic bronchitis. Thankfully Treadall offers an excellent, cost effective arena dust control solution for your horse arena footing.

ArenaClear arena dust control solution

ArenaClear Dust Control Solution

ArenaClear's patented formula coats dust particles and helps water adhere to them improving water retention in your footing and creating a loam-like riding surface. It is an environmentally safe liquid soil conditioner that offers a safe, odorless, non-toxic alternative to petroleum based products. Though we don't recommend it, ArenaClear is safe to ingest so you don't have to worry about your horse eating some off of the ground. Because of the way ArenaClear conditions the soil, it reduces and slows freezing. It will take colder temperatures and a longer time for the soil to freeze and it will thaw more quickly. 1 gallon of our concentrated ArenaClear solution covers up to 10,000 sqft. ArenaClear works great with our crumb rubber horse arena footing versus petroleum that can break down the rubber.

Product Features:
  • Reduces watering required by 50%
  • Protects you and your horse from airborne pollutants
  • Costs less than other dust suppressants and is easy to apply
  • Does not have an odor like petroleum based products do
  • Helps to reduce urine smell
  • Helps reduce freezing
Quanity (gal)Price

* 1 gallon of ArenaClear covers up to 10,000 sqft.